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Passenger provides some very important Enterprise class features that help us support the very large user base that we have on Game of Thrones: Ascent.

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Premium Features

Passenger Enterprise is for businesses that want to go the extra mile to deliver the best quality of life for their web apps and customers. The following features were designed exclusively for Passenger Enterprise.


Rolling Restarts

Redeploy your application without downtime or large memory overhead to reduce cost and minimize customer impact.

Restarting a production environment is a lengthy process and typically means that site visitors will have slow response times and a negative web app experience. Passenger Enterprise avoids redeployment delays throughout by starting new application processes in the background and replacing each existing application process one-by-one. The rolling restart functionality of Passenger Enterprise is fully automatic and does not require any administrator setup, intervention or initiation. Where some application servers may use up to twice as much memory while restarting, Passenger Enterprise avoids double memory usage by restarting processes one at a time.


Concurrency & Multithreading Ruby only

Optimize your applications’ use of CPU power and memory for the most efficient use of your hardware.

Multithreading not only drastically reduces the amount of memory required to run applications, but is also essential for applications that block on I/O, such as real-time applications or applications that perform HTTP API calls. Passenger Enterprise uses a hybrid model of multiprocessed, multithreaded, and evented concurrency that enables optimal CPU and memory usage.


Error Resistance

Automatically cancel deployment when Passenger detects errors, to minimize customer impact.

When an updated application fails to start due to a configuration or application error, Passenger Enterprise reports the error to the logging system and freezes the process list. Passenger Enterprise won’t start any new processes or shut down any existing processes until the administrator has marked the problem as resolved. In the meantime, the last known working version of the web application — and your business — stay up and running. This gives your team time to fix any issues without losing out on business opportunities.

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Live DebuggerRuby only

Allow your engineers to connect to your live application to find and resolve issues without impacting performance.

Passenger Enterprise enables engineers to attach an IRB or ruby-debug console to any live application process without a performance hit. With the IRB console, the engineer can inspect and modify the application state. The ruby-debug console offers advanced step-through debugging features for hunting down more elusive issues.


Mass Deployment

Easily manage hundreds of applications with a single command and save big on operational costs.

Simply configure Passenger Enterprise to automatically deploy all applications in a single directory. Each application will be assigned its own virtual host, where the hostname is the same as the application directory name. Whenever you add or remove an application from the configured directory, Passenger Enterprise automatically picks up that change and spawns or stops the application accordingly.

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Resource Control & Limiting

Passenger curbs application resource use to ensure stability and reduce operational costs.

In an ideal world, applications consume a steady amount of resources and all is well. In the real world, applications run into issues that can cause spikes in resource consumption, whether due to a bug in the web application or a problem in an external system such as the database. Passenger Enterprise gives you the ability to limit various aspects of application process resource usage for greater stability.

World Class Support

Let us focus on your app server while you focus on your company’s growth and operations! Whether you’re looking for proactive help or facing an issue head-on, a Phusion engineer with application deployment expertise will help you prevent and resolve disruptions and optimize your infrastructure.

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